Il teatro alla moda

Costume di scena. Grandi Stilisti


Fondazione Giacomini Meo Fiorot - Musei Mazzuchelli


Fondazione Roma Museo, Roma - Italy ; Palazzo Morando, Milano - Italy




Massimiliano Capella

Showcasing stage-costumes created by Italy’s greatest fashion designers for the world’s top opera and ballet productions, the exhibition displays an understated character: the costumes float within a space continuum with minimal light and color. Inside a seamless sequence of black and white spaces, narrow beams of raking light strike the costumes, igniting colors, enhancing the exquisite materials and decorative elements.

Sets of photographs, documenting the costumes being worn on stage, and highlighting details of construction and decoration, complement the displays – as well as projections, sketches and illustrations, providing a sort of parallel exhibition.