Style on Stage

Saint Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music


State Museum of Theatre and Music


Saint Petersburg - Russia




Massimiliano Capella - Natalia Metelitsa

A larger, richer version of the Italian exhibition Il Teatro alla Moda, reimagined for St. Petersburg. Stage costumes designed by Italy’s greatest fashion designers are showcased on the main floor of the neoclassical Sheremetev Palace, one of the prestigious State Museum of Theatre and Music’s several seats.

A set of modern displays, with built-in, custom-made lighting, answers the client’s need to artificially light the Baroque rooms so to enhance the costumes and create an atmospheric setting. The whole is staged as a series of geometric architectures conceived to redefine space, showcase the costumes, as well as glamorously reimagine Malevich’s Suprematist works. The blend of artistic costumes, neoclassical setting, and modern displays makes for a highly performative staging.