I Costumi da Oscar di Theodore Pištěk

Teatro Donizzetti, Bergamo


Bergamo Film Meeting


Ridotto Gavazzeni del Teatro Donizetti di Bergamo - Italy




Massimiliano Capella

Set within the foyer of the Teatro Donizetti of Bergamo – Italy, for the 35th Bergamo Film Meeting’s Miloš Forman retrospective, the exhibition explores through a series of costumes the director’s favorite themes of rebellion and opulence. Simple forms and neutral colors showcase an intense journey through the costumes created for Amadeus and Valmont.

Designed by Oscar-winner Theodor Pištěk and made inthe atelier Tirelli of Rome, the costumes glow in the shadows, sculpted in detail by narrow beams of light and staged as dream-like visions of a distant past.