Photo Giovanni De Sandre

Massimo Marcomini’s creative vision brings together design and architecture, fusing Italian style, a sense of uniqueness, and the art of light to create a concept of versatile and functional beauty.

With a degree from the prestigious “Biagio Rossetti” school of Architecture in Ferrara, a student of Achille Castiglioni, Giulio Romano, Palladio and Giò Ponti, in 2001 Marcomini founds the Marcomini e Marconato architectural firm, exploring his personal language through interior design first – classical canons reimagined into a blend of contemporary essentiality, light, and living materials.

To sophisticated home design he soon adds the dramatic vibrancy of stylish settings for clubs, restaurants and beauty salons, as well as museum layouts for exhibitions showcasing the match ofhaute couture and theatre. In each field, tradition is reworked in a careful balance of functionality and aesthetics.

This concept of tailored space seamlessly intersects through architecture and designs: since 2010 Marcomini designs and produces high-end furnishing accessoriesfor his clients. In 2015, combining hi-tech and local artisan tradition, he creates the Les First brand – a range of vibrant and sumptuous creations.

The architect-designer’s vision sums up this varied experience in a wide-rangingability to design for hospitality, leisure, wellness and culture, matching strongly individual esthetics with an eye for the practical needs within each professional sphere.

Postmodern, dramatic, and cosmopolite, Massimo Marcomini commingles the practical and the exquisite in a seamless interchange, careful of the client’s diverse needs.